Euro-CASE 2017 Conference


Eurocase 2017 – DAY 2 – Photo gallery

Have a look at the photos from Day 2 of the Eurocase2017 Conference.

During the plennary sessions we enjoyed the Keynote presentation of Dries Van Dyck followed by two seesions on the topics of: Co-operation on Cybersecurity and R&D Cybersecurity Projects and Technical Cybersecurity. At the end of the conference day, we could listen to some interesting Lighting Talks on cyberecurity prepared by the students selected in the call. Also the awards in CDex challenge has been announced by Mr Artur Markiewicz. The Eurocase 2017 was closed by the representatives of the Organizers: Prof. Elżbieta Frąckowiak, Prof. Roman Słowiński and Dr Norbert Meyer.




Eurocase 2017 – DAY 1 – Photo gallery

We are happy to present the photo gallery from Day 1 of Eurocase 2017 Conference.

Starting with the official opening in the PSNC Data Center, parralel sessions, then the guided tour around Poznan city center, ending with a lovely dinner accompanied by the cameral concert of the opera singer. We hope you enjoyed the first, very intense day of the conference! We also wish you interesting and fruitful sessions on the Day 2!



First day of Euro-CASE 2017 Conference

The Conference of Euro-CASE has started! An official welcome in the PSNC Data Center, impressive visualization and presentation of two keynote speakers – exactly at 10:00 the Cybersecurity conference in Poznan has begun. We invite you to view the photo gallery of the first day event.

Last chance to register!

Dear Participants,

Especially for our guests, we have postponed the registration deadline until October 31st for Eurocase2017 Conference in Poznań, Poland.

By the end of the month we await your applications!

Eurocase Organizers


Registration ends in 3 weeks

We would like to remind all Eurocase 2017 participants that the online registration ends on October 24, 2017.

So there is still 3 weeks to plan your trip and take part in this extraordinary cybersecurity event.

We are waiting for you to join us!

Eurocase Organizers

Ministry of Digital Affairs Honorary Patronage

We are pleased to inform that the Euro-Case 2017 conference covered an honorary patronage of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, in the person of Minister Anna Streżyńska.

We hope to attend the Ministry representatives during our conference.

Dries Van Dyck joins Euro-CASE as the Keynote Speaker

We are happy to inform that Mr. Dries Van Dyck joined Euro-CASE 2017 Conference as the Keynote Speaker.

Dries Van Dyck is the Information Security Officer at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre and is responsible for identifying, assessing and analyzing the information security risks at the research centre and adapting the information security architecture and policies accordingly. His strong background in R&D makes him strive towards the right balance between enforcing information security and providing the flexible environment required for scientists and engineers to do their experiments.

At the Euro-Case conference Mr. Van Dyck will present the theme: Myrrha nuclear plant – experiences in deploying security prevention.